“I am Alive to God”

Ephesians 2:1 & 2:5

How often during your life do you question what it means to truly be alive? I begin to think on Shakespeare, “To be or not to be: that is the question,” and how man has always questioned how we are meant to live and what it means to truly be alive.

Ephesians 2:1 & 2:5 show us that we are alive in Him, in Christ, but what does it mean to be alive? To be alive in its most basic form merely means to exist. Today we are going to look at what it means to be spiritually alive, but in order to look deeper we need to discuss what it means to be dead. We are all by nature born sinners and that birth determines our nature and identity. This same sinful nature is what separates us from God. We know that from Isaiah 59:1-2. The interesting part about being dead is that there is nothing you can do for yourself. A dead man cannot bring himself back to life. In that same way it wasn’t our own works that brought us back from the dead, it was God who called us from the dead. It almost seems unfair that we are born into a fallen, broken world, but there is hope.

Yes, we were born dead to God, but we have also been made alive in Him, by being born again, through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. It stands to reason that being born again gives us a new identity and nature because we are now alive to God. That is what Ephesians 2:1 & 2:5 are saying: we were (past tense) dead to sin, BUT since we have been born again and given new life, we are no longer a slave to that old sin nature but have been made alive in Christ. Jesus came not to make bad men good, but to bring the dead to life.How does the knowledge and truth that we are alive in Christ change our behavior? We should respond by living our lives in obedience to the God who has given us everything. So why do some of us struggle to act on our new identities? We tend to doubt and question God’s new definition of who we are because we are still attempting to live out our old lives in spite of our new identity.

If birth determines identity, and we have been born again in Christ, when we don’t act upon our new identity, we are acting in defiance of our true selves. We are hypocrites. This is where the act of repentance and turning back to God is so important. That is why Paul screams over and over again to remember that we have been given a new life and been made alive to God. When we remember this truth we can again draw our purpose, identity, life, and love from God and begin to act again on the truth that we are alive in Him. And it’s all because He first loved us.

Becoming alive in Him isn’t about resuscitation but about regeneration.

Christian Harrison

2 thoughts on ““I am Alive to God”

  • Ronald E. Lacy

    This IS NOT a disagreement. I like and totally agree with what you are teaching about this LIFE, being born again, and we were dead but NOW we have been made alive in Christ Jesus.

    However, when we speak of “life” we need to KNOW what the New Testament says about it, but looking at English translations leave a lot to be desired. ONLY if we look certain words up in the original language can we get the FULL PICTURE.

    I do not speak or read Greek or Hebrew. However, I started doing word studies in 1980, to better understand exactly what the Bible says. In 2014 I began a 2 year study and research to determine WHICH English translation was the best. After a few months I realized to START with, I needed to try to determine which of the original manuscripts were the best. Many of the modern translations depend on manuscripts that some theologians say are older, such as the Codex Sinaiticus and the Codex Vaticanus. However, because of my research I do not believe these ARE the most reliable, based just on HOW they found them. They were both buried (not literally) but were stored away and NOT USED! THIS explains WHY they survived longer than the more popular manuscripts, which were USED a great deal. Those older manuscripts are known as the “The Majority Text” or the “The Received Text”.

    In the end I decided that ALL translations have their good points and their bad points. So it is best to use at least two different translation, one from the older manuscripts and one of the newer ones to get the whole council of God. NONE OF THEM can translate perfectly from Hebrew of Greek into English. And my example here is part of your topic, LIFE.

    In the Greek we have three DIFFERENT words which were ALL translated as ‘life’! The are ‘bios’ Strong’s #979, ‘psuche’ Strong’s #5590, and ‘zoe’ Strong’s #2222.

    I could write for an hour or more but I will try to keep it as short as possible.
    Jesus taught over and over that we SHOULD “deny your self, take up your cross and lose your ‘life’. ( See Mat. 10:38-39, 16:24-25, Mark 8:34-35, Luke 9:23-24, 17:33, and John 12:24-25). IF it is all four Gospels then it must be important.

    However, most Christians say these are “HARD sayings”, and therefore ignore them!! But IF you see the original Greek words and understand them then it is NOT so hard understand.

    LIFE: in the Greek there are 3 different words we translate into only 1 word = life.
    The Greek word used in the verses about us denying self and losing our life is ‘psuche’ #5590, which is sometimes translated as soul of soulish. Best is the OLD MAN, the OLD life or the SELF life. The Greek word ‘bios’ #979 refers to our PHYSICAL life. Bios in not used in ANY of these verses, but ‘pusche’ is used. So it is really referring to ‘Dying to SELF’, or the old life. Deny you self is also referring denying that OLD MAN, self.

    To lose our life is NOT speaking about physically dying but dying to the old man, dying to self, being selfish and self-entered.

    Of the three Greek words ‘bios’ #979 is only six times. The Greek word “psuche” #5590 is used 32 times, and the Greek word ‘zoe’ #2222 is used 17 times. So we need to stop worrying about our physical LIFE.

    Romans 5:10 says, “we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we SHALL BE SAVED by His life.” The word used here for life, the life of GOD is “Zoe” #2222. In John 10:10 Jesus said He came that we MIGHT have ‘life’ and have it abundantly, again that word life is “Zoe”, the life of God. And every time you read about eternal LIFE, it uses the word “Zoe”. It is Christ LIFE, “Zoe” in us that saves us and that comes ONLY by being Born-Again, with HIS LIFE (Zoe) in us.

    GOD BLESS, and Keep up the Good Work.

  • Carol Smith

    Thank you for this Christian! Yoir mom shared this with me!!
    Am thrilled that you are blogging about your faith! Love you!

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