Creativity for the Kingdom: NEW Narrow Gate Apparel is LIVE!

Have you ever watched a video produced by Narrow Gate? Maybe an In My Own Words or a Ministry of Jesus teaching video? What about perusing the Narrow Gate Trading Co. website for awesome products? Have you seen the amazing photography in our emails and brochures?

ALL of that and SO much more is made possible by these guys:

Julian Birke, Josh Meyers, and Raphe Boutte are Narrow Gate graduates who work behind the scenes every day so that Narrow Gate’s story can be told to the world, and so that people who’ve never even heard of Williamsport, TN can discover our mission and begin their journey of life change and transformation.

When asked why he chose to stay at Narrow Gate after graduation, our Videography and Photography Lead Raphe said “I decided to work at Narrow Gate because I found a family that I cared for and wanted to give back as much as I could to both Narrow Gate and to God.” Aside from his killer laugh, the passion and intensity Raphe brings to everything he does is a gift.

Graduate Julian Birke serves as our Graphic Design Lead, and when asked the same question, replied “I chose to work at Narrow Gate so I could use my gifts and talents to further God’s kingdom alongside like-minded believers.” Isn’t that what Narrow Gate’s all about?! Helping young men discover their gift and talents and then giving them a vision for how God will use them.

Our Web and Programming Lead, Josh Meyers, shared “I came back to work with Narrow Gate because I wanted to use my talents to help it grow and to see God change lives like He changed mine.” Since Josh has joined the team, we have experienced serious growth as an organization and are so grateful he has been with us to help us navigate the changes.

Now that you’ve met our amazing Creative Team, here’s a peak into one of their latest projects that we are SO pumped to share with our whole family…

That’s right – Raphe, Josh, and Julian have designed an entire line of official Narrow Gate apparel and the store is officially live! So click here to get to shopping! The designs of each piece were labors of love so that the story of Narrow Gate and how it has effected people’s lives can be further spread.


We hope these shirts spark conversations of hope, and stories of life change. We’re so excited about the new line, so proud of our Creative team for the hours they put in to make this happen, and can’t wait to see y’all wearing it! Tag us on social media @narrowgatelodge and use the hashtag #MyNGL




Hope Smith

Hope joined the Narrow Gate staff in June 2018. As the Communications Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating internal and external messaging, ensuring brand consistency, and helping to tell the Narrow Gate story through digital marketing, social media, print media and video. When she isn’t working, Hope enjoys reading, playing the piano, and swing dancing.

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