An Unlikely Journey

When Adam Martin came to Narrow Gate in 2017, he was simply a young man who loved music and was looking for identity and purpose.

He had no idea that his gifts as a musician and rapper would eventually lead him down the path of a unique and fulfilling ministry.

Soon after Adam graduated from Narrow Gate, Daniel Bell (one of our discipleship pastors), helped Adam acquire an internship with a local Anglican church in Destin, FL.

When asked about the growth he has seen in Adam both during his time at Narrow Gate and beyond, Daniel Bell had this to say:

“Adam is a Narrow Gate graduate that took to heart the opportunity to discover his Christ-centered identity and life’s purpose. The transformation of his life while at Narrow Gate was dramatic. God took Adam from a lifestyle of loose living and made him into a man. When Adam accepted the invitation to serve with Immanuel Anglican Church in Destin, Florida, it wasn’t without challenges.

But Adam continued in the grace he knew from Jesus and kept his course. The opportunity to be discipled in the local church by its pastors and elders led to even more character development and grew Adam’s trust in Jesus. I couldn’t be more proud of Adam. I love and respect him as a brother, son, and as a rapping Gospel preacher.” 

Since Adam has been in Destin, his love for the Lord and passion for music has helped CREATE A NEW MINISTRY  where musicians can find community and record music completely free of charge in a safe and Spirit-filled environment.

Adam was recently interviewed by the local news station in Destin about this exciting new project.

“We can use it as not only a place where people can get solid music recording and grow in their music ability, but also as a way to minister in a place that’s a safe environment to create.” Adam Martin

We are so proud of how Adam is following God’s lead, stepping out in faith, and creating new ministry opportunities in his community!

THIS is what God continues to do through Narrow Gate – giving young men a vision for who He wants them to be, who He MADE them to be, and then equipping them with the confidence, the resources, and the drive to go after that vision.

And lives are being changed as a result.

“Ministry work is a test of patience. It requires extreme trust in Jesus even when it feels like you’re going nowhere at the moment.

Narrow Gate taught me to keep faith in God’s promises, that His good work in me will come to pass, even when I don’t feel so in the moment.

Having that mindset allows me to embrace the day to grind of doing His kingdom work.” Adam Martin

Praise God!

Thank you, Narrow Gate family, for walking with us through these fifteen years of helping young men discover their identity and purpose. Stay tuned for more alumni updates about what God is doing in the lives of our graduates!

Hope Smith

Hope joined the Narrow Gate staff in June 2018. As the Communications Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating internal and external messaging, ensuring brand consistency, and helping to tell the Narrow Gate story through digital marketing, social media, print media and video. When she isn’t working, Hope enjoys reading, playing the piano, and swing dancing.

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